Video | Why I Wrote Anatomy of the Soul

Posted on by Curt Thompson

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2 Responses to Video | Why I Wrote Anatomy of the Soul

  1. I’ve been researching the connections between neuroscience and spirituality for quite some time (Allan Schore, Dan Siegel, etc) for quite some time. Recently stumbled on your book from a member in my congregation who said, he’s saying what you’re saying. Actually, you say it much better:). Thanks for putting this stuff in a form accessible to members of my congregation and of my web community.

  2. Ken Lloyd, Psy.D. says:

    I have been a psychologist for over 20 years, and a Christian for much longer, and I have found this book to be a facinating integration of psychology, theology, and neurology. I’m reading for the second reading…………………………..

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