Connecting Our Rights and Lefts

Posted on by Curt Thompson

Our brains tend to look for connection. And the way we do is like a crossover: my right brain looks for your right brain, and my left looks for your left—all an attempt to make a connection. The different functions of each mode of operation—visuospatial orientation, non-verbal cues, emotion, holistic awareness, social awareness in the right; language, literal, logical, and linear processing in the left—tend to influence those of the same mode in any person we encounter, especially with one with whom we have a close relationship. So, for your friend, parent, spouse, and especially your child, think of this. The next time you are together, consider how your mind is connecting that of the other person. Before you know it, the more you pay attention to this, the more connected you will be, not only as you attend to the mind of the other but mostly as you attend to your own.

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