Being Known seeks to help people explore the integral relationship between deep, meaningful connections with God and others–being known–and the development of healthier minds, healthier communities and ultimately, a healthier world.  The Center for Being Known (CBK) is an educational nonprofit that provides experiential training in how to practically apply Being Known concepts in the context of church, school, business, and neighborhood communities and other groups of people “doing life” together.


Emerging discoveries about the brain and relationships affirm the liberating reality of an inner-connected creation and Creator as presented in the Bible. Dr. Curt Thompson has written and spoken extensively on this topic and in 2015 launched the Center for Being Known to deliver robust, experiential trainings and provide ongoing support and mentorship that equips individuals, groups and systems to engage in authentic, vulnerable and life-giving relationships and behaviors. Trainings are offered for churches, counseling centers, businesses, and schools.


Discovery. CBK provides speakers for conferences, workshops, and church services aimed at providing initial exposure to Being Known ideas. Talks are customized for particular audiences and speakers are able to engage audiences from 50 to thousands.

Engagement. Participants begin to internalize the material and are equipped with the basic tools for living forward into the Being Known lifestyle; examples might include women’s retreat, Shame workshop

Immersion. CBK offers immersion training through Confessional Communities, 2-day deep encounters with Being Known core curriculum. Dynamic teaching within small group settings link with both individual and group experiential activities. Attendees participate in up to 4 mos of “living forward” into the content in a group setting supported by CBK. Attendees commit to implement learnings in their lives, communities, businesses and are equipped with the practical tools and training necessary to leads others in the processes of healing and renewal.

Train the Trainer/Certification. CBK plans to develop a formal certification in the Being Known curriculum allow participants the opportunity for an extensive commitment to endorsing and expanding upon the Being Known material.

Institute/Thought Leadership. Being Known will convene events for the continual renewal in academic, reflective, study and thought surrounding the anthropological, theological, as well as interpersonal neurobiological underpinnings of the work of Being Known. We will convene small and large groups to promote learning, sharing of research, dialogue, and publishing, that leads in the area of human flourishing.

Customized Engagement. Institutions are invited to engage in any level desired — from a one-time training or retreat setting, to on-going mentorships, to site-specific program development, and/or to large-scale implementation.


Curt Thompson, MD
Curt Thompson, MD

Author, Speaker, Psychiatrist

Curt Thompson, M.D., is a psychiatrist in private practice in Falls Church, Virginia and the founder of Being Known, LLC, and The Center for Being Known, an organization that develops resources to educate and train leaders about the intersection between interpersonal neurobiology, Christian spiritual formation, and vocational creativity. He is the author of Anatomy of the Soul and The Soul of Shame: Retelling the Stories We Believe About Ourselves. He graduated from Wright State University School of Medicine, completed his psychiatric residency at Temple University Hospital, and is board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. He is actively engaged in learning and education as he supervises clinical employees and facilitates ongoing education groups for patients and colleagues. Throughout his career, along with treating adults, adolescents, and families, his main focus of clinical and research interest has been the integration of psychiatry, its associated disciplines, and Christian spirituality. He is a frequent speaker on the topic at workshops, conferences, and retreats.

He has specific expertise in the field of interpersonal neurobiology and how it reflects important tenants of Christian faith, providing opportunities to comprehend and experience that same faith in fresh trustworthy ways. Much of his work is now committed to training other professionals across cultures and in multiple vocational domains in the same material.

He and his wife Phyllis are the parents of two children and reside in Arlington, Virginia. He serves as an elder at Washington Community Fellowship, a congregation of the Mennonite church, in Washington, D.C. His duties there have included preaching, teaching, and involvement in the fellowship’s healing prayer ministry.

Kristen Terry
Kristen Terry, LMSW

Counselor, Speaker, Consultant

Kristen is a counselor, speaker, and consultant focusing on helping people understand and live out the brain’s astounding ability to recover, rewire, and heal. Kristen’s approach includes leveraging her specialized training from Curt Thompson and others, with current scientific research in interpersonal neurobiology, to understand and treat client struggles. She enjoys translating complex ideas from the mental health field into useful knowledge. She owns a private counseling and consulting practice.

Kelsey Myers, LMFT


Kelsey is a licensed marriage and family therapist and serves with Curt Thompson & Associates. She is passionate about incorporating the concepts of interpersonal neurobiology in her work with individuals, couples, families and especially with therapeutic groups. Kelsey has special interest in the effects of community and vulnerability on the healing and growth of individuals and systems. She has experience leading retreats and facilitating community groups incorporating the ideas of IPNB and Christian spiritual formation.

Board of Directors (Center for Being Known)

Neal Smith (Chairman)  Salient CRGT, software development and management
Dr. Deirdre Modesti (Secretary)  Private practice, clinical psychology
Janey Nodeen  Burke Consortium, software applications and cybersecurity
Dan Rogers  US Coast Guard, Executive Officer
Dr. Curt Thompson (Founder)  Center for Being Known


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