Speaking FAQs

What is Curt’s speaking and teaching experience?

Curt has spoken for or taught groups numbering from 10 to 1500. He maintains a regular teaching schedule for patients and colleagues, focusing on the integration of interpersonal neurobiology and Christian spirituality. His audiences include mental health, education, business, and other professionals, as well as the general public that are interested in the intersection of his topics. In addition he is a preaching and teaching elder at his church, a congregation of about 150 located on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

What topics and issues has Curt spoken on or taught?

Curt has spoken on topics that include but are not limited to the synthesis of neuroscience and Christian spirituality; interpersonal neurobiology; the integration of psychotherapy and medication intervention.

What event format is best suited for Curt to give a presentation?

Curt is comfortable speaking in intimate, small settings as well as large groups. The setting also will regulate the type and degree of interaction that is possible between Curt and his audience.

Does Curt offer lecture series or one-time guest lectures?

Curt mostly offers one-time speaking engagements.  However, he also provides multi-day workshops and lectures arranged in the format of a brief series.

How much does it cost to have Curt speak?

Curt’s fee for speaking is determined on a case by case basis.

What level of assistance does Being Known provide in event planning?

When arranging for Curt to speak, Being Known staff will draw up an agreement to be signed by both parties, and complete the billing process.  Travel and accommodation arrangements are made by you, the host, or by the speaker.  You will be responsible for overseeing all other aspects and logistics for the event, including promotion, venue confirmation, audio/visual technical requirements, and reception, if desired.  Being Known staff will review this information with you prior to signing the speaking agreement to ensure a clear understanding.

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